About Us

Mission Statement 

Being vegan should be natural, affordable, and simple. At Victoria’s Vegan Stuff we’ve decided to make that true! 

Natural should be an important part of being “vegan”. You shouldn’t have to replace animal derived ingredients with strange chemicals. We strive to use natural ingredients that are always vegan, and organic when possible. 

While “affordable” is a relative term, we can all agree a vegan product should cost an “arm and leg” (both figuratively or realistically). We strive to keep our prices fair, and use fair trade products when possible. Keeping our prices kind to our customers and vendors will always be important to us. 

We think “simple ingredients” speaks for itself. However, to emphasize that point, at Victoria’s Vegan Stuff we use five or less ingredients in each product. Simply put, each item is handmade with a few ingredients and a whole lot of love!


Why Did We Get Started?

Victoria’s Vegan Stuff all started as an experiment in our kitchen. It was an idea that came to me while shopping for some vegan products. I found the word vegan didn’t always correlate with simple ingredients (or even easily pronounced ingredients), nor did vegan always seem to mean affordable. I wondered to myself if it was possible to make  these cruelty free products with less ingredients and more affordable. I ran home to test out my theory. So far, it’s working out. We soon began Victoria’s Vegan Stuff, and the rest is history! 

We haven’t always been vegan, but we wish we would have started sooner. The reasons we are vegan are to help the planet, better our health, and save some animals (what more could you ask for?). I don’t think either of us, my husband or myself, ever thought in a million years we’d end up eating plants and developing a cruelty free lifestyle brand. However, with all the positive effects of being vegan there’s no going back for us!

We love sharing our passion with others! We’ve found that vegan body care and daily goods are the best ways to show others how they can live a cruelty free lifestyle. I always say for those who aren’t ready to make a commitment to the vegan diet they can incorporate cruelty free items in their day-to-day life that will still make impacts! We still 100% promote the vegan diet (for all those wonderful reasons listed above), but sometimes this is an easy way for folks to transition without even knowing!

So, there it is y’all. That’s how and why Victoria’s Vegan Stuff was started. One small home experiment turned into a compassion project. We hope that you love our products as much as we do. We pour our hearts into our company and the products we make. Each product is made one at time, handmade, and cruelty free— and, we intend on keeping it that way!