Vegan Ricotta (EASY and TASTY!)

Here's the recipe of the year! It's so easy, healthy, and multifunctional (which checks off all my requirements). I think I'd be selfish asking much more out of a single recipe. 

So... enough waiting! Let's cut the cheese, and get into why I love this recipe! When I say this recipe is multifunctional, I'm not joking! I've used this as a sandwich spread (much like mayo), cream cheese, ricotta, even salad dressing! It's low fat, oil free, cruelty free, dairy free, gluten free, and high protein. I don't know why this isn't served anywhere. I know I sound like the hype girl for some tofu cheese, but it's really that good.


Here are some ways I like to use the ricotta:

Sandwich: For a tasty sandwich try making a TLT (tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich). Toast your bread, duh! Add your ricotta spread to each side-- toasting also helps the spread go on the bread evenly, and doesn't rip the bread. Add a generous amount of lettuce, or any green you like! Slice tomato evenly, and add to sandwich. Lastly, add a smokey marinated tempeh! This is a classic, and can be altered to your taste! If you wanna add avocado, sprouts, or onion go for it! Shoot for the moon, make it yours! If you wanna just have tempeh and the ricotta, you do you! No matter what you won't be disappointed with this spread on your sandwich!

Cream Cheese: This is a self explanatory one... Toast up some bread or bagel, and add as much ricotta spread as you'd like! I like to include some tomato with basil, salt, and pepper on top! It goes together really well, and makes a great quick breakfast!

Pizza: This is where I recommend using this recipe the absolute most!! For all of you that don't know I'm a pizza addict. As in I need to join a help group-- "Hi, my name is Victoria, and I a pizza addict". My husband and I eat pizza once a week. If you want to use this ricotta recipe for pizza I recommend adding the ricotta last. Go ahead and bake your crust, add your sauce, put on your toppings, then dollop on the ricotta! This recipe got my husband to consider vegan cheese alternative, so it's slightly magical. 

Salad Dressing: This can honestly just go right on top of a salad, don't let me steer you away from that notion! However, if you wanna dress up your salad (see what I did there?) then you should try making this into a dressing! I recommend doing roughly a 1:1:1 ration between water, mustard, and ricotta. As you're mixing it you'll see what works for you! I like mine just in between thick and runny. I think it goes well on almost salad, and can also be enjoyed with some baked potatoes. 

Now... get hype... *drum roll*... here's the recipe... 

Tofu Ricotta:


*Add water as needed depending on how smooth you’d like I‎t. I recommend about 1 tablespoon since I prefer mine more smooth. Just see the texture when you’re done blending, and make an assessment about how smooth you’d like yours. If you aren’t going oil free you can use your favorite oil instead of water*

Here’s the instructions, blend! Just make sure your tofu is pressed, add all ingredients to a food processor, and blend! As previously mentioned you can add water depending on your desired texture!

So, there you have I‎t. The easiest vegan cheese recipe in the world. I’ve given you the recipe and told you how to use I‎t... what are you waiting for?



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