Carrot Lox

This was a recipe I tested about a year ago, and I always go back to it!  It’s by OLIVES FOR DINNER. 

This is so easy, and incredibly tasty! Just be prepared to have a ridiculous amount of salt on hand. You’ll need to cover the carrots completely, and this requires a load of salt!! A tip from me is to use LARGE carrots. If your carrots are too small you’ll not be able to peel them easily at the end. I’ve attempted this with both coconut oil and olive oil. Both work, but as you’ll see in the video (Please excuse the camera quality! My vlogging days had just begun), the coconut oil will somewhat solidify while marinating.


I recommend topping your sandwiches with vegan cream cheese, dill, red onion, capers, tomato, salt, and pepper. Also, the Trader Joe’s cream cheese or toffuti cream cheese are both affordable and taste good! Additionally, if you are going to Trader Joe’s try their everything but the bagel seasoning instead of salt and pepper! 




I also enjoy the lox on salads and pizzas! How do you enjoy eating lox? Is there something I should give a try?

I recommend using reusable food covers while your carrots marinate. You can find some here on amazon, (You'll also find covers for your pet's food if you use wet food 🐾)



You can find the recipe here,

Here’s the video,! Give the recipe a shot, and let me know what you think!

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